Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Q&A

Rebecca, a 2nd year Harvard Law School student, writes:

Q: Mister Speer, I just can’t believe you have come up with an “idiot-proof” 2-page tax code, which you refer to continually but never enunciate in legal language. Are you just teasing us, or just conning us?

A: I trust neither is true, Rebecca. My lame excuse is that I don’t have a license to practice law; and very few lawyers have a license to certify financial statements, as I do. But you’ve challenged me, so I’ll give it my best shot in 2 paragraphs—not 2 pages; I want to leave room for our Congress!

Paragraph One: “Every financial transaction involving asset or service purchases; including but not limited to the purchase of money via loans; exchanges; gifts; donations; inheritances; or any other form of real or implied asset title transfer shall be taxed at the standard rate of 10% of the real or implied value involved, and is payable within 3 calendar days to the bank account of the local taxing authorities. There shall be no exceptions, upon pain of a 10% late penalty, and 2-5 years mandatory jail term for those convicted of tax fraud.”

Paragraph Two: “There shall be no other form of real or implied taxation, including but not limited to income taxes; inheritance taxes (in current form); property taxes; assessments; bondings; customs duties; and all other public fees or tolls.”

Rebecca, since you’ve called me to play lawyer, I’ll sign off with a parting shot at our return to States’ Rights after 150 years.

“The Federal government shall divest to the Sovereign States all real or presumed interest in the properties and social programs involving local citizens. The Federal government is henceforth restricted by our Sovereign States to provide for our common defense, and other matters of national security. No other powers are ceded, nor implied, other than those powers ceded by the States in our Constitution of 1787, as amended."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Q&A

William from Wilmington writes:

Q: Shame, shame shame. I hope your grandson is gay, because I want to hear you tell him he can’t get married to the one he loves. You describe yourself as a romantic, Speer. You must be one of those selective, racist elitist romantics. You oldsters love playing God, don’t you?

A: Bill, I’ve already written just about everything I have to say about same-sex marriage and family formation (see my July 20th response to Brent in Sonoma.)

Sorry to disappoint you, but my 6 grandsons are all alpha males like me—accomplished athletes and scholars in engineering and science, and my 2 granddaughters are the image of a 12-year-old Charlize Theron, and a 5-year-old Elizabeth Taylor—budding heartbreakers! But if any of my great grandkids should be gay, I promise you not to play God, because it would be His will, and if nothing else in my 73 years, I have learned to never argue with God—His grand design is my grand design—like it or not—and at times, I haven’t liked it one damn bit.

Me a romantic? Yes, I plead guilty, but a racist? Nothing could be further from the truth! (see my July 28th response to Sam, an ex-Biloxi Miss. Airman). I had life-defining formative years in both the Deep South, and within New York City confines. We boyhood sandlot baseball bums paid no attention to Jackie Robinson’s shade of skin—he was just another Brooklyn Dodger—like Pee Wee; the Duke; Campy; Gil; Carl and the other Boys of Summer. But then, I was, and still am a lucky Yankee fan, ever since we 8 year olds chose up daily sides, and permanent local ball teams--fair and square with an iron fist on the knob of our only pristine bat--my Joe DiMaggio 35-inch, 32-ounce Louisville Slugger, that I choked up 4 inches as a kid, and then one inch in college, just like Robert Redford’s hand-made “Wonder Boy” bat in The Natural.

That’s all there was back in the day—na├»ve and fair in all the our dealings with the great masses of new colored Southern folks; brown-skinned Puerto Ricans and Mexicans; milk-skinned Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia; yellow-skinned Orientals; and anyone else who happened to show up at our Statue of Liberty. That’s the way we Long Island kids were taught, by family and school.

Me an elitist? I think not, but an oldster certainly, with a sagacity that results from a lifelong love of family, God, and country, in that order. And, a family tree that dates back to bold Saxon barons more than a thousand years ago, when populist Baron Robert of Loxley (Robin Hood) teamed up with my York/Lancaster Barons; Fairfax, Throckmorton, and Wormsley--to challenge the Normans and force the
Magna Carta's Bill of Rights.

After Hastings, my rebellious ancestors raised Hell in Northern England, allied at times with Southern Scotland’s Braveheart. Well, those rebel genes may have been dormant from time to time, but never lost.

Tina from Honolulu writes:

Q: I like the fact that you will eliminate income tax. I hate doing my taxes every year, and I’m told that most people cheat on their taxes anyway and that big corporations pay almost no tax at all.

A: Yes Tina, my CPA tax experience has shown me that most people and companies at least try to cheat on their income taxes, because it is basically unfair—all 70,000 obscene pages of it at last count. It has become a graft-ridden, politically-motivated tool to screw the average American—and needs to be shit-canned, if you’ll pardon my French. Band aids don’t work when major brain surgery is required.

But you’re dead wrong that corporations pay almost no tax at all—they and other “mom and pop” entrepreneurs pay 80% of the tax bite, and oddly enough still manage to provide 80% of all new jobs—go figure! Answer? No one can erase the independent spirit we have been blessed with by God; our Constitution; and our sacrificing Forefathers, who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. This is the heritage we have been gifted in this great land of ours, and we are not permitted to piss it away, into a Sea of Obama/Pelosi Socialism.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Q&A

Q: Tex, a Montana rancher writes:

Charlie - You continue to frustrate me with your “Mozartian” all-or-nothing insistence upon a full symphony, instead of taking meritable movements one at a time. Why do you rush Americans to adopt enormous changes to the status quo? Obama is taking the same road, with an unacceptable Socialist agenda, and is running into tremendous opposition, even from his own conservative Democrats. Can’t you break down your “Jeffersonian Revolution” into more manageable chunks? Why can’t we do it one step at a time? You expect too much from your Constitutional countrymen, and I’m afraid that your “renewal” themes will be buried.

A. Tex, I wish it were possible to dissect my solution for America. Unfortunately, I have neither the time (I’m 73, and Wolfgang Amadeus died at 35), nor do I have the inclination to dissect my 21st Century “American Symphony” into bits and pieces, no more than we Colonial rebels would have ceded the cotton-rich South to the Brits for a 3-month war, instead of the 8 years it took. Nor would Czech composer Anton Dvorak have dissected his Symphony #5 From the New World, which today tells us everything we need to know about our Post-Jeffersonian American “Wild West” heritage, or Ferde Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite a century later, which tells us everything we need to know about our Southwestern miracle of the second ice age.

We now have to pay the piper, and a 10% daily tax bite beats the hell out of a yearly traumatic experience, and I refuse to leave my progenitors with an overwhelming tax burden. You and I are responsible for resolving our country’s debts, from Chinese T-bonds to Social Security T-bonds. It’s just us boys, so don’t look elsewhere, because there is no elsewhere, elsewhere.

Next, there is no way for towns and counties to take over health care, social services, and infrastructure without the lion’s share of tax revenues, which must be in aggregate 50% more than today. And, we cannot ask Joe Taxpayer to carry this burden without giving clear, visible bangs for the buck.

Next, we can’t reduce the high cost of medical care without a revolution in preventive medicine to nip illness in the bud within our homes. Especially seniors, who cost a lot more than kids to keep out of 3 grand per day hospitals. This means at least enormously increasing the number of house-calling G.P.s, which means new tuition-free medical schools, and a lot of them—clearly a gigantic job tailor-made for Uncle Sam, in terms of sheer numbers and standards for training. Ergo, 52 new National Universities (converted state colleges) with med schools and campus hospitals for internship. Same deal for future scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Tex, free medical services is an outright winner, along with unemployment work for 25 grand; disability pay of 25 grand; free prep schools (converted community colleges); free parking; toll-free roads, bridges, and tunnels; tax-free real property; tax-free business and investment profits, and so forth, all which justify the 50% aggregate tax hike from the “10% on everything” consumption/asset purchase tax bite—all $3.6 trillion per year, and $10 billion per day of it. And yes, those folks who have $400/hour tax advisors are screwed, but not you and me—we’re tired of being screwed - we're mad as hell, and won't take it any more!

Next, the 25 grand minimum wage (and $2,500 T-bond employer contribution) means a half-mil pension fund for retirement years, after 50 years or more of hard work. And, a promotion to “middle class” for 50 million Americans, who will gobble up every modest house and condo on the market today, while paying “income” taxes for the first time in their working lives; but in easy daily doses, like the European VAT, but without VAT’s self-defeating accounting complexities, which are enough to cross a Rabbi’s eyes (14% for bread and pasta, and 40% for jewelry and Alfa Romeos—another form of unacceptable social engineering).

My “concerto” movements are so financially intertwined and dependent upon town administration that they cannot be adopted without a return to States’ Rights and local rule. In my scenario, Uncle Sam would be hopelessly lost, as indeed he has been of late, trying to get "Joe the Plumber" fully employed, with community bank backing from people who have lost half their bank capital, and Joe half his business and 401(k) pension plan, like you and me.

The “D.C. Mafia” needs to stick to what we hired them for in 1787—protect us against foreign enemies like Iran and North Korea (yes you, Hillary); give us a working bank system (yes you, Bernanke); give up your not-too-subtle plan for American Socialism (yes you, Pelosi); and fuggedaboud Socialist “Big Brother” (yes you, President Obama).

Your "stimulus package" spending solution can never replace across-the-board tax reduction as supreme creator of national wealth - you have learned nothing since January, much to our collective national detriment. And if you ever again bow to a foreign potentate, I’ll show you just how nasty I can get in my writings - you ain’t seen nothin' yet!

What would George, John Adams, Tom, Monroe, Andy, Abe, Teddy, Franklin, Harry, and Ronnie say if they saw your “Munich Appeasement” approach to our 21st century American manifest destiny? Have you no shame?

Haven’t you realized yet that you pretend to rule over 350 million of the most independent-minded sonsabitches who ever roamed this small planet? We will always fight, and with rare exception, we will always win, no matter what the odds or the cost. So trade in your basketball for boxing gloves, Mister President, and start training for the heavyweight fight of your political life in the 2010 Bye-Elections, which we senior constitutionalist patriots will win, come hell or high water.