Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Q&A

Rebecca, a 2nd year Harvard Law School student, writes:

Q: Mister Speer, I just can’t believe you have come up with an “idiot-proof” 2-page tax code, which you refer to continually but never enunciate in legal language. Are you just teasing us, or just conning us?

A: I trust neither is true, Rebecca. My lame excuse is that I don’t have a license to practice law; and very few lawyers have a license to certify financial statements, as I do. But you’ve challenged me, so I’ll give it my best shot in 2 paragraphs—not 2 pages; I want to leave room for our Congress!

Paragraph One: “Every financial transaction involving asset or service purchases; including but not limited to the purchase of money via loans; exchanges; gifts; donations; inheritances; or any other form of real or implied asset title transfer shall be taxed at the standard rate of 10% of the real or implied value involved, and is payable within 3 calendar days to the bank account of the local taxing authorities. There shall be no exceptions, upon pain of a 10% late penalty, and 2-5 years mandatory jail term for those convicted of tax fraud.”

Paragraph Two: “There shall be no other form of real or implied taxation, including but not limited to income taxes; inheritance taxes (in current form); property taxes; assessments; bondings; customs duties; and all other public fees or tolls.”

Rebecca, since you’ve called me to play lawyer, I’ll sign off with a parting shot at our return to States’ Rights after 150 years.

“The Federal government shall divest to the Sovereign States all real or presumed interest in the properties and social programs involving local citizens. The Federal government is henceforth restricted by our Sovereign States to provide for our common defense, and other matters of national security. No other powers are ceded, nor implied, other than those powers ceded by the States in our Constitution of 1787, as amended."