Friday, November 27, 2009

More Q & A

Q:     Billy from Antioch, CA writes:

The gays LOVE YOU! We're so happy to know you tolerate us, Charlie. You know, I looked at your photo and you're not bad looking. Have you ever considered about switching over to our team? A lot of men make the move to our side as they get older.


“The Gays” write:

Thanks for tolerating us. Have you ever considered switching teams? You could lose a few lbs., but you're not unattractive!

A:     Bill and 'The Gays' (whomever you are), I've lived in San Francisco for the past 21 years, so 'tolerance' of all stripes of weird sexual hanky-panky comes with the territory - much to my chagrin. But you're barking up an alpha-male tree. By the way, thanks for the compliment on my photo - ladies feel the same way.

Frank from Illinois writes:

Q:     These gays prey on our children; spread disease; and push their agenda 24/7; yet they want us to accept them and let them GET MARRIED! What we should do is get them all in a boat and send them to HELL! I hate these fags and they are a big herpetic sore on the world!

A:     Frank, acceptance is not the issue – straight folks like us have no special rights, except for the current tax code, which if you follow me, needs to be shit-canned in favor of a ‘10% on everything’ tax – as blind as the lady holding the scales of Justice. I also propose an ‘Aleutian Vacation’ for child molesters and schoolyard drug pushers; and gay ‘marriage’ is out, because there would be no legal need to create a gay family with children on board for tax code purposes.

Bottom line, Frank, live and let live – we are all in God’s hands, and it is not for us to argue with His grand design for we earthlings on this small planet.

More Q & A

Under Larry from Reno:

Richard Gozinya from Tempe, AZ comments:

Q:     You better start believing in Global Warming. It's real and it's now!

A:     Dick, we either believe that God and Mother Nature made and formed our planet several billion years ago and continue to do so, or we do not. It’s a matter of faith, backed up by the relatively small body of scientific evidence we have about planetary evolution to date.

        We may indeed be ‘warming’ – so what? We were a ‘hot house’ from pole to pole at one time – and survived. We were a ‘cold house’ from time to time – and survived.

        If you don’t believe that God has His own plan for our planet, then sign on to the shuttle for the moon or Mars. You won’t be missed amongst we seven billion earthlings who will continue to breathe out carbon dioxide, and continue to render extinct ten thousand various species of Earth life every year – Mother Nature’s way of cleansing our planet for ‘survival mankind’ – which is you, me and our progenitors. This is nature’s grand design, and it’s not for us to mess with Mother Nature.

Under Top 10 Presidents:

Anonymous wrote:

Q:     Why not Obama? Why is he not mentioned here, old timer?

A:     Anon, all my ‘Top Ten’ are giants – winners of historic battles, and Obama isn’t fit to lick their boots. He’s a loser when stacked up beside them, as have been many of our elected Presidents. Our great heroes are few and far between, but somehow are always there when we need them most.

Barak’s oratory skill has gone to pot, because he has nothing to say, either to his fellow citizens or foreign potentates. And his latest bow to the Emperor of Japan, coupled with his previous bow to a Saudi Prince, disgrace our American Eagle emblem of world leadership. Ronald Reagan would have never considered bowing to any other head of state. He only bowed to the American people, whom he served with great honor.

In sum, Obama is an ex-Chicago political hack who has nothing to offer the great majority out here in Middle America, from medical care to national security. But we rule the voting booth, as we will show in the 2010 bye-elections. This is Act II of the recent Virginia and New Jersey races, and Act III will come in 2012. We are not the ‘local yokel’ dummies he takes us for - a fatal mistake on his part, poor man, but I feel for his failure – I’ve had many in my 74 years come next June.

Anonymous wrote:

Q:     "Anonymous"(#1) must be out of his mind! Aside from his great oracle (sic) skills, he and Congress are sinking this country. The only bright spot I can see is that it took a Carter to get a Reagan!

A:     Anon, that’s just about where we stand today, but as always, tomorrow is another brighter day. Our great leaders emerge just when we need them most, and 2010-2012 will be no exception.

(By the way, I shall no longer comment on ‘Anonymous’ postings – state your name and town if you want a response – ala Fox’s Bill O’Reilly.)

More Q & A

Q:     Bill Thomas, from the hometown of the greatest Boston Celtic, Larry Bird, in French Lick, Indiana, writes of his displeasure with my selection of Ronnie amongst my ‘Top 10 Presidents’.

A:     Bill, I’m fully aware that my ‘Top Ten’ list leaves out a number of bygone meritorious American Patriots we have been blessed with – Benjamin Franklin; Alexander Hamilton; Daniel Webster; Henry Clay; Ulysses S. Grant; Robert E. Lee; George Patton; Daniel Boone; Davey Crockett; Lewis and Clark; and more others that any nation deserves – including Italy with some of their great Caesars of yore – Julius; Augustus; and Constantine.

We are today God’s ‘chosen people’ – like it or not. We can’t look elsewhere, because there is no elsewhere, elsewhere. Just you, me, our townspeople, and fellow Americans, who have been gifted a culture greater than any in history.

Me a puppet? If you take time to look at my writings to date, you’ll quickly find that I’m the most independent-minded sonuvabitch you’re likely to tangle with. I have no ‘cause’ – right or left of ‘middle America.’ I propose the creation of a 90 – 95 percent ‘grand middle-class’ – our greatest strength since day one – and propose simple concrete methods to get there. We must now seriously debate these ‘simple methods,’ beginning with a ‘10% on everything’ 2-page tax code; and ‘T-Bond Funding’ of all pension accounts (governmental social security; union plans; company plans; and IRA plans) – just to name a couple of my ‘peaceful revolution’ proposals to cure our financial/social ills. Band-aids don’t work when major brain surgery is required, as Thomas Jefferson knew well when he drafted our
Declaration in 1776, and then our Constitution in 1787, based upon prior documents from Massachusetts, and the Virginia House of Burgesses. In both cases, Tom set our Colonial tone of a united north and south in one common cause – kick out the Brits, and construct a lasting document greater than the Magna Carta.

In response to Tex from Montana's Q & A, Anonymous asks:

Q:     Are you shitting me?

A:     Anon, I shit you not! My 21st Century blueprint is perfectly clear in my writings, and is eminently sane thinking – tough no doubt, but doable, for the reasons I spell out in my writings in no uncertain terms – beginning with my faith in America’s manifest destiny in modern times as God’s New Chosen People.

We don’t fear anything but the
D.C. Mafia; Obama/Pelosi Socialism under Big Brother; and a looming knife in the back for everything our Founders risked their necks for and our brave military gave their lives for – from Lexington to Concord; from Boston Harbor to Valley Forge; from Washington to New Orleans; from the Alamo to Mexico City; from Antietam to Richmond; from San Juan to Manila; from The Ardennes to Paris; from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima; from North Africa to Normandy; from Baghdad to Beirut; and today, from Kabul to Lord knows where. We have fought many battles in the last 225 years, and are likely to fight many more before we establish world peace with Pax Americana.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Q&A

Larry, a retired Air Force Colonel from Reno, writes:

Q: Charlie –

I’ve reread your unpublished An American Fable Epilogue, and have many questions previously untouched in your Q & A to date. Here’s my top 10.

A: Larry, how observant of you! I’m sure these questions would eventually be asked, but let me answer them now.

1. Why build new Federal prisons in the Aleutian Islands? Won’t these be terribly expensive to maintain, compared to mainland prisons?

A: I see no need for new prison buildings in the Aleutians, and a minimum of administrative cost compared to mainland prisons. These Aleutian Island enclaves were built after the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and shortly thereafter launched an unsuccessful flotilla against our westernmost outposts from Attu to Dutch Harbor. We built army posts throughout the Aleutians and the Japs never got their launching pads for the mainland invasion of California, after the turnaround Naval Battle of Midway in the Spring of ’42; nor did Stalin’s post-war Commies invade our Alaskan frontier from nearby Siberia, where they outnumbered us 10 to 1. Bottom line, our Marine D.I. commanders will save those souls worth saving, and the rest will get the isolation they deserve for preying upon our children; murdering our citizens; and other obscene crimes, such as drug trafficking to our school kids. As Marlon Brando proclaimed in The Godfather, "This we do not forgive."

2. Where does “tipping” fit into the “10% on everything” unified tax scheme? Won’t waitresses, taxi drivers, and other personal service folks make out like bandits if they cheat, as they do today?

Tipping, and other gratuities are left to the conscience of the receiver. My best guess is that no recipient would risk a 2–5 year jail term for a lousy 10% tax and a 10% personal pension contribution to their T-Bond account. But I could be dead wrong.

3. Are T-Bond personal pension accounts additional collateral for bank loans and home mortgages?

You’re right, Larry, - personal T-Bond pension accounts are indeed in play for loans and home mortgages, thus keeping interest rates at rock bottom, because they represent hard assets guaranteed by Uncle Sam, but payable only at borrower age 70. So dissatisfied lenders will have to wait; and thinking folks will not risk their golden years treasure chest for a quick buck; we learned our lesson a year ago with the collapse of Wall Street and the real estate market.

4. How does General Colin Powell become U.N. Secretary General, and how does losing candidate John McCain become Secretary of State?

My fictional President, conservative Irish Catholic Democrat Matt Ramsey, tells the U.N. that they either accept Colin Powell as their new Secretary General, with specific mandates to save Africa and reorganize myriad boondoggle U.N. agencies, or the U.S.A. is out, and they can move back to Geneva without us. It takes the Security Council just two days to face 21st Century reality – and they cave, as when Ronnie called the Russkies, and won the 50-year Cold War.

President Ramsey’s decision to put hero John McCain in charge of Foreign Affairs was based upon the demonstrated bravery and patriotism of this Navy pilot warrior, who would now become our chief diplomatic warrior. Combat leaders like Matt Ramsey (Middle-East Green Beret), and John McCain (6-year Vietnam P.O.W.) prove to be an unbeatable combination in my 21st Century scenario, and the great strategic mind of Colin Powell saves Africa from the abyss, with the help of several hundred thousand American and European Peace Corps volunteers, who earn the25 grand minimum wage, and a free pass to our National Universities. Interim armed ex-colonial administration by England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Portugal and Italy pay for their own troops and administrators - their fair share for 21st Century global peace.

Colin devises a new map of a half-dozen economically viable Middle-African nations; the Dutch East Indies; and the Far Pacific; each of which is a melting pot of various tribes and cultures – like America – complete with our Constitution, dollar, and tax system. Trouble makers are vacationed to offshore islands in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean; as are Middle East trouble makers to offshore islands in the Persian Gulf, all under command of our Marine D.I.’s (drill instructors), who fulfill their mission to save every soul worth saving, and bury the rest. Tough job, but these Marine D.I.'s are the very best patriots our country is capable of producing - a two-century dedication that has no equal in American military history -battle-proved veterans who never fear the devil himself - 'nuff said.

5. How can towns, counties and states cover free medical services? We’ve been told that these future costs are astronomical – in the trillions. And, if so much goes to medical care, what’s left for instrastructure; schools; and takeover of Federal lands and other property?

The projected cost of future medical care is indeed an unsupportable multi-trillion dollar number. President Obama is right on this score, but socialized medicine is not the answer – free choice by patients is the answer. Under my plan, insurance companies, ambulance chasers, and HMOs are screwed, and the army of new house-calling G.P.’s graduating from National University internship, or leaving HMO’s, is blessed. “Malpractice” claims are handled by municipal medical courts, saving practitioners 100-200 grand of yearly insurance premiums. Another source of medical savings is home medical care by Don the Doctor, who shows up with a fully-equipped mini-van, and his nurse in tow, to nip family maladies in the bud. This is a quantum leap in preventive medical care, especially with oldsters like me, who are happy to hand over a 10-20 buck tax bite on a 100-200 buck house call. Don the Doctor is happy, because he’s making 200-500 grand, making his wife happy. Our town is happy because bogus claims are knocked out in municipal medical court. And, if my family doesn’t like Don, we can always switch to Tom, Dick or Harry – the “Doc” pool is full of specialists and G.P.’s, all anxious to get away from HMO bureaucratic bullshit and malpractice insurance premiums, and at last practice their Hypocratic Oath. These fresh ideas do not pretend to be the final answer – simply new thinking to build upon.

6. You state that National Lottery net proceeds should be $1 billion a day ($365 Billion/year) to pay down Federal debt. How does this work?

Americans, like most folks worldwide, love to gamble, especially when the odds are favorable for a tax-free million buck payoff, which is based upon officially published total daily tax receipts from the “10% on everything” unified tax – an 11-digit number of about $10 Billion, the last 6 digits of which (in exact sequence) is a winner. Speaking of gambling, Vegas, Reno and the Mafia are screwed with the 10% tax on gross bettings, and the constant threat of an Aleutian Island “vacation” for convicted skimmers and other bad guys. The daily National Lottery is the hottest game in town, with several dozen winning new millionaires, and gross betting (less 10% tax) mandated to Federal debt paydown and nothing else. We daily players get a shot at “instant millionaire”; and losers patriotically pay down our enormous national debt. We also begin to learn about daily GDP – just multiply by 10 and you’ve got it today – not months later.

7. You seem to infer “British” heritage for our country, rather than mixed German, Irish, Italian, and other European countries who have sent even greater masses of immigrants past our Statue of Liberty. Are your Q&A answers biased by your “Fairfax” middle name?

The simple answer is that a thousand years ago, my British Saxon Baron ancestors successfully demanded from the invading French Normans an historic compromise, since named the Magna Carta – the first second millennium step to human dignity – which is what our U.S.A. is all about. From Virginia Colony’s Captain Smith to Dutch explorer Hendrik Hudson’s takeover of Manhattan, with hundreds of English 20-year religious exiles (the refugee “Speer” part of my name) in tow; to other English religious refugees landing at Plymouth Rock.

Almost all of our Founding Fathers came out of English or Dutch harbors to the New World – that’s us – from day one, excluding Spanish Florida, French Louisiana, and Spanish Mexico. (Less Texas, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.) Our Colonial constitutions’ declarations by Massachusetts and Virginia, and later, after an 8-year Colonial War, confirmed by our one and only Constitutional Congress of 1787, represent our historical quest for human dignity and is basically English-thinking. We did not deny their Magna Carta and Parliamentary system of government – we improved upon it, as we have always been prone to do with meritorious foreign ideas and inventions, from the British steam engine, to Marconi’s Italian “wireless.” Are we less today than our Founding Fathers? I think not. British common law commands our country in matters of modern American societal law, which now embodies every culture on Earth in a giant melting pot of humanity. This is the legal strength behind our enormous middle class, which has 90% of buying power, and 80% of assets, including T-Bond pension accounts. No American citizen is “left behind,” and Lord help any foreign power not bowing to the Eagle emblem on our passports when we travel abroad. Should we run into trouble, Uncle Sam will first save our butt, and then deal harshly with those who dare to challenge our American citizenship, as in the glory days of Rome 2 millennia ago. "I'm an American!" is equivalent today to "I'm a Roman Citizen!" back then; "I demand justice from my fellow citizens, and no one else!"

8. How can we come up with a “Star Wars” satellite Pax Americana shield for our entire planet? We’ve been trying unsuccessfully for a generation!

The “Star Wars” global satellite shield is neither easy to complete after 30 years of hiccup testing, nor to back up with a 2 million man striking force and half a million American and European Peace Corps volunteer “boots on the ground.” But it’s the next logical step for our protection, and that of our friends. It will cost us another trillion dollars to complete, but freedom has never been cheaply won, and we have all the advanced technology required to do the job sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that Federal power is limited to National Security, and uniform justice in matters of commerce, citizenship, and constitutional law. No other powers are ceded by the Sovereign States.

9. How can we enforce global “free trade,” including China, who might for domestic reasons, enforce existing WTO trade exclusions?

American free trade rules are simple and unforgiving – the U.S.A. will trade with no country taxing or prohibiting our exports of goods and services, including capital investments. Take it or leave it. China, India, and “third world” countries with protectionist policies are screwed – to our advantage for the stuff we have to sell – petroleum; liquid natural gas; farmer produce; advanced technology; big American cars and appliances; big tractors and earthmovers; investment capital; and management know-how. No important country on the globe can afford to be excluded from our one-third share of global trade – so they uniformly cave. They will either conform, or sink into 21st Century oblivion; and frankly, we don't give a damn which way they choose.

10. 30-buck per barrel crude oil, 50-cent per liter (2 buck/gal) pump price gas, including National “No-Fault?” Surely you’re jesting, as you must be with your legalized gambling and prostitution.

Larry, I don’t jest about anything in my writings. We have more oil, coal, natural gas, and other exploitable energy resources than a dog has fleas, and global warming is a gigantic diversionary hoax. Take over climate control from Mother Nature? Somebody's crazy, but it's not me! It’s just a question of national will, as we last demonstrated in WWII; then the 50-year Cold War; and we won them both. Are we less today than our sacrificing forebears? I think not! Same thing with legalized gambling and prostitution, our planet’s oldest “professions”, currently dominated by the Mafia and street corner pimps, both of which are screwed, and will end up in the Aleutians, alongside child molesters/pornographers; schoolyard drug pushers; and murderers – all under the command of Marine D.I.’s in “boot camps” tougher than Parris Island or Camp Pendleton. Very few will survive USMC discipline, but those younger men who do, will be given a second chance to redeem their lives by volunteering for an 8-year “early parole” stint in the Marines; Special Forces; Green Berets; Seals; Air Cavalry; CIA Terrorist “Black Ops”; Drug Cartel Undercover Agents; and other very, very, risky propositions. This rigorous regime will convert tens of thousands of “bad guys” into patriotic citizens – if they manage to live through it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Presidential Q&A

Miller, from Henderson, Nevada, writes:

Q: Hey Charlie. I am 80, so your politics and mine agree well. I am curious about who your top five presidents are in history. You like Jefferson and Truman, I’ve read that. But who are the others? Tell me whom your best presidents were and what they did for the country?

A: Miller, I’ve mentioned more than 5 great Presidents, but here’s my list, in chronological order.

1) George Washington

Father of our country, and winning general in our War for Independence against the Brits—‘nuff said.

2) John Adams

Leader of our Declaration of Independence, and designer of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Constitution which was incorporated in our 1787 Constitution. As second President he had a heavy hand in designing and building Washington D.C., and temporarily kept us out of a devastating new second war with the Brits during our vulnerable infancy, when we were financially bankrupt (before Alexander Hamilton); a small navy; and no standing army.

3) Thomas Jefferson

Drafter of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and as third President purchased our Louisiana, Midwest and Northwest lands from Napoleon for a song - tripling our country overnight. He was the truest revolutionary genius our nation has ever known.

4) James Monroe

Gave us the Monroe Doctrine, which told European powers to stay the hell out of “our” Western hemisphere—gutsy stuff, considering our very weak Navy and Army. Well, he bluffed it through and they stayed away from any further “New World” conquests until Spain tested us unsuccessfully at the turn of the last century in the Spanish-American War.

5) Andrew Jackson

Winning front-line general at the Battle of New Orleans, the definitive death knell for the Brits, who had razed D.C. and were otherwise winning the War 0f 1812. “Old Hickory” founded the Democrat Party and started the “spoils system”, which gave Presidents the power to kick out the old guard and replace them with loyal supporters—a quantum leap in Presidential power, which was sorely lacking at the time.

6) Abraham Lincoln

Forced to adopt Caesarean powers to save our Union, the greatest of which was voiding Constitutional States’ Rights, including secession. “Honest Abe” settled that issue at the cost of more than a million Yanks and Rebs killed or maimed—gutsy guy, above and beyond the abolition of slavery, which played little practical part in our Civil War, and would take another century to implement, in the form of 1960's "desegregation."

(7) Theodore Roosevelt

Combat Captain in the charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, and later as President, "Teddy" didn't take any shit from anyone. "Walk softly and carry a big stick" was his mantra, and this advice has served every other President for the past century (except for battle wimps like Obama).

(8) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Teddy's cousin, stricken in his prime by polio, but otherwise a giant among our Presidents - not because of his Great Depression Socialist programs, which in hindsight relieved relatively little social pain amongst Americans with 25% unemployment during the 30's.

FDR's lasting glory is in winning World War II, the greatest threat we have known since Revolutionary and then Civil War times. He had to use every subterfuge and every guile in his quiver to defeat Hitler and Tojo as well as the conservative isolationist U.S. Congress, when he decided to back Churchill and the Brits to the hilt.

(9) Harry Truman

Came to power as a lost puppy, but quickly became a ferocious German Shepherd by dropping a couple of A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All of a sudden, Tojo was out and Emperor Hirohito back in as historical god/commander of 90 million Japanese. Hirohito surrendered forthwith, and Harry assigned Pacific Commander Doug MacArthur to rule Japan - he had already assigned European Commander "Ike" Eisenhower to rule Europe, and Patton to rule conquered Germany.

But Harry's lasting legacy is his Midwestern tenaciousness against a New Republican conservative Congressional majority and a new enemy which Patton was ready to march against - Soviet Russia. He started off with his "Truman Doctrine" regarding American supremacy in the Mediterranean Sea, which meant absolute protection for Greece and Turkey; including C.A.R.E. packages and Marshall Plan financing for Europe; and a 24-hour airlift for the cut-off Berlin in the Winter of 1948, which might have touched off WWIII. Harry played the same bourbon-backed poker cards in the Summer of 1950, when he told Doug MacArthur to stop the North Koreans and their Chinese allies - gutsy stuff against 4 to 1 odds, which might have touched off WWIII, had he not canned MacArthur and Doug's plan to nuke China back to the Stone Age.

(10) Ronald Reagan

Our most elderly President, he took the 50-year Cold War and ran with the football - just as he had on film 50 years earlier as Notre Dame's "Gipper." No question where this President stood - "full speed ahead and damn the Russkies." Ronnie knew the heart of America like no President before or since - he came eyeball with Gorbechev, and "Gorby" blinked, as they had once before when Jack Kennedy stared down Kruschev in Cuba.

Bottom line, Ronnie won the 50-year Cold War - as great a victory as Yorktown two centuries earlier and then WWII, and gave us command of our small planet in no certain terms.

Miller, we don't get these guys every time around - they are relatively few and far between. But not to fret, they have always been there when our country needs them most, and they always win, backed by our indomitable spirit.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Q&A

Rebecca, a 2nd year Harvard Law School student, writes:

Q: Mister Speer, I just can’t believe you have come up with an “idiot-proof” 2-page tax code, which you refer to continually but never enunciate in legal language. Are you just teasing us, or just conning us?

A: I trust neither is true, Rebecca. My lame excuse is that I don’t have a license to practice law; and very few lawyers have a license to certify financial statements, as I do. But you’ve challenged me, so I’ll give it my best shot in 2 paragraphs—not 2 pages; I want to leave room for our Congress!

Paragraph One: “Every financial transaction involving asset or service purchases; including but not limited to the purchase of money via loans; exchanges; gifts; donations; inheritances; or any other form of real or implied asset title transfer shall be taxed at the standard rate of 10% of the real or implied value involved, and is payable within 3 calendar days to the bank account of the local taxing authorities. There shall be no exceptions, upon pain of a 10% late penalty, and 2-5 years mandatory jail term for those convicted of tax fraud.”

Paragraph Two: “There shall be no other form of real or implied taxation, including but not limited to income taxes; inheritance taxes (in current form); property taxes; assessments; bondings; customs duties; and all other public fees or tolls.”

Rebecca, since you’ve called me to play lawyer, I’ll sign off with a parting shot at our return to States’ Rights after 150 years.

“The Federal government shall divest to the Sovereign States all real or presumed interest in the properties and social programs involving local citizens. The Federal government is henceforth restricted by our Sovereign States to provide for our common defense, and other matters of national security. No other powers are ceded, nor implied, other than those powers ceded by the States in our Constitution of 1787, as amended."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Q&A

William from Wilmington writes:

Q: Shame, shame shame. I hope your grandson is gay, because I want to hear you tell him he can’t get married to the one he loves. You describe yourself as a romantic, Speer. You must be one of those selective, racist elitist romantics. You oldsters love playing God, don’t you?

A: Bill, I’ve already written just about everything I have to say about same-sex marriage and family formation (see my July 20th response to Brent in Sonoma.)

Sorry to disappoint you, but my 6 grandsons are all alpha males like me—accomplished athletes and scholars in engineering and science, and my 2 granddaughters are the image of a 12-year-old Charlize Theron, and a 5-year-old Elizabeth Taylor—budding heartbreakers! But if any of my great grandkids should be gay, I promise you not to play God, because it would be His will, and if nothing else in my 73 years, I have learned to never argue with God—His grand design is my grand design—like it or not—and at times, I haven’t liked it one damn bit.

Me a romantic? Yes, I plead guilty, but a racist? Nothing could be further from the truth! (see my July 28th response to Sam, an ex-Biloxi Miss. Airman). I had life-defining formative years in both the Deep South, and within New York City confines. We boyhood sandlot baseball bums paid no attention to Jackie Robinson’s shade of skin—he was just another Brooklyn Dodger—like Pee Wee; the Duke; Campy; Gil; Carl and the other Boys of Summer. But then, I was, and still am a lucky Yankee fan, ever since we 8 year olds chose up daily sides, and permanent local ball teams--fair and square with an iron fist on the knob of our only pristine bat--my Joe DiMaggio 35-inch, 32-ounce Louisville Slugger, that I choked up 4 inches as a kid, and then one inch in college, just like Robert Redford’s hand-made “Wonder Boy” bat in The Natural.

That’s all there was back in the day—na├»ve and fair in all the our dealings with the great masses of new colored Southern folks; brown-skinned Puerto Ricans and Mexicans; milk-skinned Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia; yellow-skinned Orientals; and anyone else who happened to show up at our Statue of Liberty. That’s the way we Long Island kids were taught, by family and school.

Me an elitist? I think not, but an oldster certainly, with a sagacity that results from a lifelong love of family, God, and country, in that order. And, a family tree that dates back to bold Saxon barons more than a thousand years ago, when populist Baron Robert of Loxley (Robin Hood) teamed up with my York/Lancaster Barons; Fairfax, Throckmorton, and Wormsley--to challenge the Normans and force the
Magna Carta's Bill of Rights.

After Hastings, my rebellious ancestors raised Hell in Northern England, allied at times with Southern Scotland’s Braveheart. Well, those rebel genes may have been dormant from time to time, but never lost.

Tina from Honolulu writes:

Q: I like the fact that you will eliminate income tax. I hate doing my taxes every year, and I’m told that most people cheat on their taxes anyway and that big corporations pay almost no tax at all.

A: Yes Tina, my CPA tax experience has shown me that most people and companies at least try to cheat on their income taxes, because it is basically unfair—all 70,000 obscene pages of it at last count. It has become a graft-ridden, politically-motivated tool to screw the average American—and needs to be shit-canned, if you’ll pardon my French. Band aids don’t work when major brain surgery is required.

But you’re dead wrong that corporations pay almost no tax at all—they and other “mom and pop” entrepreneurs pay 80% of the tax bite, and oddly enough still manage to provide 80% of all new jobs—go figure! Answer? No one can erase the independent spirit we have been blessed with by God; our Constitution; and our sacrificing Forefathers, who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. This is the heritage we have been gifted in this great land of ours, and we are not permitted to piss it away, into a Sea of Obama/Pelosi Socialism.