Friday, November 27, 2009

More Q & A

Under Larry from Reno:

Richard Gozinya from Tempe, AZ comments:

Q:     You better start believing in Global Warming. It's real and it's now!

A:     Dick, we either believe that God and Mother Nature made and formed our planet several billion years ago and continue to do so, or we do not. It’s a matter of faith, backed up by the relatively small body of scientific evidence we have about planetary evolution to date.

        We may indeed be ‘warming’ – so what? We were a ‘hot house’ from pole to pole at one time – and survived. We were a ‘cold house’ from time to time – and survived.

        If you don’t believe that God has His own plan for our planet, then sign on to the shuttle for the moon or Mars. You won’t be missed amongst we seven billion earthlings who will continue to breathe out carbon dioxide, and continue to render extinct ten thousand various species of Earth life every year – Mother Nature’s way of cleansing our planet for ‘survival mankind’ – which is you, me and our progenitors. This is nature’s grand design, and it’s not for us to mess with Mother Nature.

Under Top 10 Presidents:

Anonymous wrote:

Q:     Why not Obama? Why is he not mentioned here, old timer?

A:     Anon, all my ‘Top Ten’ are giants – winners of historic battles, and Obama isn’t fit to lick their boots. He’s a loser when stacked up beside them, as have been many of our elected Presidents. Our great heroes are few and far between, but somehow are always there when we need them most.

Barak’s oratory skill has gone to pot, because he has nothing to say, either to his fellow citizens or foreign potentates. And his latest bow to the Emperor of Japan, coupled with his previous bow to a Saudi Prince, disgrace our American Eagle emblem of world leadership. Ronald Reagan would have never considered bowing to any other head of state. He only bowed to the American people, whom he served with great honor.

In sum, Obama is an ex-Chicago political hack who has nothing to offer the great majority out here in Middle America, from medical care to national security. But we rule the voting booth, as we will show in the 2010 bye-elections. This is Act II of the recent Virginia and New Jersey races, and Act III will come in 2012. We are not the ‘local yokel’ dummies he takes us for - a fatal mistake on his part, poor man, but I feel for his failure – I’ve had many in my 74 years come next June.

Anonymous wrote:

Q:     "Anonymous"(#1) must be out of his mind! Aside from his great oracle (sic) skills, he and Congress are sinking this country. The only bright spot I can see is that it took a Carter to get a Reagan!

A:     Anon, that’s just about where we stand today, but as always, tomorrow is another brighter day. Our great leaders emerge just when we need them most, and 2010-2012 will be no exception.

(By the way, I shall no longer comment on ‘Anonymous’ postings – state your name and town if you want a response – ala Fox’s Bill O’Reilly.)


  1. "Anonymous"(#1) must be out of his mind! Aside from his great oracle skills, he and Congress are sinking this country.The only bright spot I can see is that it took a Carter to get a Reagan!

  2. Anyone who says there is no global warming is living in a Fable. Are you stubborn, uneducated or just old and tired of the facts? Please don't continue harping against global warming, because when you do you lose your credibility and make me nauseous. If you listen, you learn. If you talk you teach. And right now you're teaching falsehoods by saying there is no global warming.
    Benjamin Stein
    Austin, Texas