Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Q & A

Tom Louis of Hartford, Connecticut, asks:

Q:     Please tell us more about your so-called blueprint. You're like a cagey politician--you love to spout diatribes but where is the MEAT in your series of proposals? Back it up with facts & figures! PLEASE! Because I am 84 years old and don't have time for vague B.S.!

A:      Tom, I have a wild-assed yearn to reach your 84 years, and witness the birth of my first great-grandchildren.

The ‘meat’ in my ‘diatribes’ is simplicity, since neither do I have time for ‘vague B.S.’ in my 74th year.

Every element of my proposals depends upon another element (I call it ‘Mozartian’), and it makes little difference in the order – but one of these cannot be debated and decided without what I term a fully-elaborated ‘Mozart Concerto’, all of which envisions a resulting 90%-plus middle-class, the backbone of our country since day one – which was perhaps 25%, in the beginning at Boston; 50% after conquering our ‘Wild West’; then 70% after WWII with the G.I. bill. This progression is no happenstance – it is our American manifest destiny.

I believe our current world role is God-given, as in Chosen People of biblical times. Why us? Why not? Who else? Europeans? Asians? Chinese? But for now, it’s just us folks who have saved Western Civilization in two world wars.

Everything I propose in my writings is designed for simplicity of application, and understandability by the vast majority of my fellow citizens, and my eight grandchildren, two of which are now in college.

My proposed 2-paragraph ‘10% on Everything’ tax code reduces our current obscene 70,000-page tax code to the shit-can of history;

My proposed ‘10% T-Bond Account’ provides every citizen with a secure retirement (replacing Social Security, now actuarially bankrupt);

My proposed ‘Abolition of Cash Campaign Contributions’ gives us the dedicated representatives we have in our bosoms, but are unable to elect in the face of vested cash interests;

My proposed ‘Return to States’ Rights’ gives us local rule of everything we have been negated since Civil War times – our 1787 Constitution, pure and simple, including amendments;

Finally, my proposed Pax Americana foreign policy confirms our 21st Century role in world politics, which we won in WWII, and have since confirmed during the past half-century. Don’t look elsewhere, Tom, because there is no elsewhere, elsewhere, just you and me and our townspeople – as indeed it should be.

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  1. Good luck in the beautiful Sunshine State. Great authors all moved in their lives. Hemingway went to Cuba, Shakespeare went to Manchester and Faulkner went to Savannah. All the great ones changed their scenery. We'll get you an agent and then you're on your way. It has been a pleasure working with you while your time in the City By The Bay and I hope to continue with you for many years to come. You truly are a visionary!
    Good luck & God Bless!