Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Letter to Rush

Dear Rush:

One year after my original blog letters made a plea for return to “Constitutional Conservatism,” on behalf of 50 million voting seniors like myself, it’s here!

At that time, the “Tea Party” was in its infancy – no more, thank the Lord! (I’m not a member; my “activism” is spelled out in spades in my writings to date on, and my Fables Trilogy novels.)

Next week, after 20 years in ‘Sodom By The Bay’ (aka San Francisco), I’ll land on Singer Island (Palm Beach) to continue writing short stories and essays, and to complete CIA Fables.

I remain,

Charles Speer

A Letter to Newt

Dear Newt:

Almost a year ago, I predicted the rise of constitutional conservatism to Rush, Sarah, and you. No, I’m not a soothsayer – just your average senior independent-as-hell kind of guy.

My best guess is that there are 50 million voting seniors out here – enough to tip the scales next November to “policies of sanity.” (Yes, I do come up with catch-phrases like this, and “Muslim Crazies” to define wartime terrorists.)

I don’t expect a response – just an ear.

In trust,

Charles Speer (San Franciscan transplant to Singer Island, Florida)

A Letter to Governor Palin

Dear Governor:

Eight months ago, someone on your Governor staff expressed mild interest in my social/economic proposals for 21st Century America.

My blog predictions and follow-ups over the past year have sure enough become reality. I said,

“Sarah Palin is not a ’15-minute of fame and who gives a shit’ flash – she’s good for 15 years, and is the gutsy gal to lead constitutional tea party and conservative Republicans to a 2010 election victory greater than Newt’s 1994 turnaround – but it wouldn’t hurt if Newt were at her side.” (They called me an ‘old fart’.)

I don’t pretend to be a soothsayer – just an agile mind among 50 million other senior voting Americans – who might – just might – determine our 21st Century Manifest Destiny for my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.

I remain, your admirer,

Charles Speer (short story and essay writings to date and blog link)