Friday, November 27, 2009

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Q:     Billy from Antioch, CA writes:

The gays LOVE YOU! We're so happy to know you tolerate us, Charlie. You know, I looked at your photo and you're not bad looking. Have you ever considered about switching over to our team? A lot of men make the move to our side as they get older.


“The Gays” write:

Thanks for tolerating us. Have you ever considered switching teams? You could lose a few lbs., but you're not unattractive!

A:     Bill and 'The Gays' (whomever you are), I've lived in San Francisco for the past 21 years, so 'tolerance' of all stripes of weird sexual hanky-panky comes with the territory - much to my chagrin. But you're barking up an alpha-male tree. By the way, thanks for the compliment on my photo - ladies feel the same way.

Frank from Illinois writes:

Q:     These gays prey on our children; spread disease; and push their agenda 24/7; yet they want us to accept them and let them GET MARRIED! What we should do is get them all in a boat and send them to HELL! I hate these fags and they are a big herpetic sore on the world!

A:     Frank, acceptance is not the issue – straight folks like us have no special rights, except for the current tax code, which if you follow me, needs to be shit-canned in favor of a ‘10% on everything’ tax – as blind as the lady holding the scales of Justice. I also propose an ‘Aleutian Vacation’ for child molesters and schoolyard drug pushers; and gay ‘marriage’ is out, because there would be no legal need to create a gay family with children on board for tax code purposes.

Bottom line, Frank, live and let live – we are all in God’s hands, and it is not for us to argue with His grand design for we earthlings on this small planet.

More Q & A

Under Larry from Reno:

Richard Gozinya from Tempe, AZ comments:

Q:     You better start believing in Global Warming. It's real and it's now!

A:     Dick, we either believe that God and Mother Nature made and formed our planet several billion years ago and continue to do so, or we do not. It’s a matter of faith, backed up by the relatively small body of scientific evidence we have about planetary evolution to date.

        We may indeed be ‘warming’ – so what? We were a ‘hot house’ from pole to pole at one time – and survived. We were a ‘cold house’ from time to time – and survived.

        If you don’t believe that God has His own plan for our planet, then sign on to the shuttle for the moon or Mars. You won’t be missed amongst we seven billion earthlings who will continue to breathe out carbon dioxide, and continue to render extinct ten thousand various species of Earth life every year – Mother Nature’s way of cleansing our planet for ‘survival mankind’ – which is you, me and our progenitors. This is nature’s grand design, and it’s not for us to mess with Mother Nature.

Under Top 10 Presidents:

Anonymous wrote:

Q:     Why not Obama? Why is he not mentioned here, old timer?

A:     Anon, all my ‘Top Ten’ are giants – winners of historic battles, and Obama isn’t fit to lick their boots. He’s a loser when stacked up beside them, as have been many of our elected Presidents. Our great heroes are few and far between, but somehow are always there when we need them most.

Barak’s oratory skill has gone to pot, because he has nothing to say, either to his fellow citizens or foreign potentates. And his latest bow to the Emperor of Japan, coupled with his previous bow to a Saudi Prince, disgrace our American Eagle emblem of world leadership. Ronald Reagan would have never considered bowing to any other head of state. He only bowed to the American people, whom he served with great honor.

In sum, Obama is an ex-Chicago political hack who has nothing to offer the great majority out here in Middle America, from medical care to national security. But we rule the voting booth, as we will show in the 2010 bye-elections. This is Act II of the recent Virginia and New Jersey races, and Act III will come in 2012. We are not the ‘local yokel’ dummies he takes us for - a fatal mistake on his part, poor man, but I feel for his failure – I’ve had many in my 74 years come next June.

Anonymous wrote:

Q:     "Anonymous"(#1) must be out of his mind! Aside from his great oracle (sic) skills, he and Congress are sinking this country. The only bright spot I can see is that it took a Carter to get a Reagan!

A:     Anon, that’s just about where we stand today, but as always, tomorrow is another brighter day. Our great leaders emerge just when we need them most, and 2010-2012 will be no exception.

(By the way, I shall no longer comment on ‘Anonymous’ postings – state your name and town if you want a response – ala Fox’s Bill O’Reilly.)

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Q:     Bill Thomas, from the hometown of the greatest Boston Celtic, Larry Bird, in French Lick, Indiana, writes of his displeasure with my selection of Ronnie amongst my ‘Top 10 Presidents’.

A:     Bill, I’m fully aware that my ‘Top Ten’ list leaves out a number of bygone meritorious American Patriots we have been blessed with – Benjamin Franklin; Alexander Hamilton; Daniel Webster; Henry Clay; Ulysses S. Grant; Robert E. Lee; George Patton; Daniel Boone; Davey Crockett; Lewis and Clark; and more others that any nation deserves – including Italy with some of their great Caesars of yore – Julius; Augustus; and Constantine.

We are today God’s ‘chosen people’ – like it or not. We can’t look elsewhere, because there is no elsewhere, elsewhere. Just you, me, our townspeople, and fellow Americans, who have been gifted a culture greater than any in history.

Me a puppet? If you take time to look at my writings to date, you’ll quickly find that I’m the most independent-minded sonuvabitch you’re likely to tangle with. I have no ‘cause’ – right or left of ‘middle America.’ I propose the creation of a 90 – 95 percent ‘grand middle-class’ – our greatest strength since day one – and propose simple concrete methods to get there. We must now seriously debate these ‘simple methods,’ beginning with a ‘10% on everything’ 2-page tax code; and ‘T-Bond Funding’ of all pension accounts (governmental social security; union plans; company plans; and IRA plans) – just to name a couple of my ‘peaceful revolution’ proposals to cure our financial/social ills. Band-aids don’t work when major brain surgery is required, as Thomas Jefferson knew well when he drafted our
Declaration in 1776, and then our Constitution in 1787, based upon prior documents from Massachusetts, and the Virginia House of Burgesses. In both cases, Tom set our Colonial tone of a united north and south in one common cause – kick out the Brits, and construct a lasting document greater than the Magna Carta.

In response to Tex from Montana's Q & A, Anonymous asks:

Q:     Are you shitting me?

A:     Anon, I shit you not! My 21st Century blueprint is perfectly clear in my writings, and is eminently sane thinking – tough no doubt, but doable, for the reasons I spell out in my writings in no uncertain terms – beginning with my faith in America’s manifest destiny in modern times as God’s New Chosen People.

We don’t fear anything but the
D.C. Mafia; Obama/Pelosi Socialism under Big Brother; and a looming knife in the back for everything our Founders risked their necks for and our brave military gave their lives for – from Lexington to Concord; from Boston Harbor to Valley Forge; from Washington to New Orleans; from the Alamo to Mexico City; from Antietam to Richmond; from San Juan to Manila; from The Ardennes to Paris; from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima; from North Africa to Normandy; from Baghdad to Beirut; and today, from Kabul to Lord knows where. We have fought many battles in the last 225 years, and are likely to fight many more before we establish world peace with Pax Americana.