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August, 2009

Pacific Heights Retiree Proposes Financial/Social "Peaceful Revolution" with First Book, An American Fable

In this upscale neighborhood of San Francisco, Charlie Speer, a 73-year-old retired CPA, spends his days writing his fictional philosophy, and maintaining his blog,

The "rebel" author started writing at age 70, and loves the challenge of his fourth career. "It keeps me active and out of trouble," Speer stated candidly. "I've always had a passion for writing, which before retirement was limited to corporate reports. So, I wondered what it would be like to attempt 'A Great American Novel'," Speer explained. "I started an outline and began writing three years ago, but I quickly found that one book would not suffice to explain my take on life to my three grown kids and eight grandkids (two in college); my 'Last Hurrah', if you're a Spencer Tracy fan."

Speer's first novel, published last month, is titled An American Fable. It takes place before, during and after the 2008 Presidential race between his winning fictional conservative Democrat Matt Ramsey and real-life Republican John McCain. The story tells of the social and economic effects of a new "10% on everything/replacement of everything" tax system; a new T-bond pension system; a new "trickle-up" 5 grand minimum wage economic system; a return to States' rights; and the adoption of an audacious Pax Americana foreign policy.

His second novel, An Italian Fable, is due to hit online book-selling websites next month, and takes place before, during and after World War II, when Speer's fictional hero Mark O'Brien, a volunteer OSS spy, meets with real-life figures Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Pope Pius XII before switching places with his look-alike cousin, the Vatican's Irish Monsignor Tom Shaw, just before the war. After the war, FDR makes O'Brien Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces, Italy, where he begins a five-year fictional partnership with real-life post-war Italian Prime Minister, Alcide DeGasper.

Speer is currently working on his third novel, CIA Fables, to be published late this year, via traditional distribution channels, thus completing his Fables Trilogy.

Charlie Speer was born in Manhattan in 1936, graduated from M.I.T. in 1957 (Business and Engineering), and completed his Naval service in Naples, Italy in 1961. He then lived in Milan for the next decade while completing his family and working as a management consultant (and part-time CIA spy?) during the industrial "Italian Miracle" of the 1960's.

He returned to Southern California with his family in 1971, bought a small electronics company; got torpedoed by predatory Japanese "price dumping"; obtained his CPA certificate in 1978, and operated as a sole practitioner and part-time CFO for hi-tech start-up companies until his retirement in 2006.

Speer left San Francisco in 2006 for a year in his beloved Italy to begin writing An Italian Fable in the small town of Greve in Chianti, deep in the heart of Tuscany. "I rented this six-bedroom hilltop vlla and invited all my Italian friends and close family for fun, food and some Italian sun," Speer said.

When he returned to San Francisco from Chianti, Speer began An American Fable. "I decided to tackle the tough job of transposing my post-war Italian theme to modern-day America," he explained.

What does the future hold for this white-haired, jaw-line bearded, thin upper lip mustachioed first-time author? Speer was quick to respond. "I'm getting ready for book signings; completing my CIA Fables; and I'll start writing short stories about my Rebel/Yankee heritage for my great grandkids just around the corner." Speer then gave his wrap. "My days are dwindling down to a precious few, the leaves have long since turned to flame - and I haven't got time for the waiting game."