Friday, June 19, 2009

More Q&A

Phil from Newark asks:

Q: Did Forbes ever respond to this interesting plan you've devised?

A: Not as yet, Phil, but my ‘peaceful revolution’ is a tough nut to swallow in one gulp, so I’m not dismayed—he’ll respond, if and when the spirit moves him, but it won’t hurt if you e-mail him at

Think about it—a 2-page “10% on everything/replacement of everything” tax code; T-bond funding of social security (to you and me); T-bond funding of Medicare (to our towns); relinquishment of all Federal properties (to our towns, counties, and states); divestiture of all Federal “social engineering” programs (to our states, counties, towns and neighborhoods)—just for openers!

Phil, it’s a return to our 1787 Constitution, whereby our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to exclude Federal control over our 13 states, unless specific authority was ceded (national security; interstate commerce; and supreme referee in disputes).

That’s all there is of any importance after the first 10 amendments (Bill of Rights in 1789; abolition of slavery (a century and a half ago), and women’s’ votes (a century ago). It’s a lasting document rarely amended, because two and a quarter centuries later, we Americans have much to teach, and little to learn about revolution, or anything else in the 21st century.

More Q&A

Evelyn from San Diego writes:

Q: Many people say that Palin is finished politically, but you seem to think she's not. Please tell me why you think Palin is still anyone we should give a shit about? Hasn't she already used up her 15 minutes of fame?

A: Evelyn, you fail to appreciate the guts this gal has shown in her losing V.P. quest. You should be proud that any woman could speak as effectively for all women as she does, even though she is out of the “D.C. loop.”

Following her resignation as Alaskan Governor, I judge that she will be good for 15 years, not 15 minutes, because her independent American spirit will survive all the slings and arrows of outrageous drive-by media fortune, including David Letterman’s TV smears.

In fact, I can see her picking up the conservative flag, as Newt did in 1994, and leading the Republican charge in next year's bye-elections - an absolute turning point for what I judge to be the heartbeat of America - our grandiose conservative middle-class, aka the "Silent Majority".

It wouldn't hurt if Newt were at her side for the winning "Steelers of Yore" Harris/Bradshaw one-two punch, as I have suggested to Newt and Rush.