Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Q&A

Myrna from Hartford writes:

Q: Charlie - What do you have to say for your golden girl Palin now after she crapped out and quit? You don’t sound like a quitter, Mr. Speer, so I am assuming you no longer support this clueless woman. I am a staunch Republican, and it’s my belief that this woman has become a joke and a liability to the party. Out of the D.C. loop, as you put it? She’s out of her fricking mind! If she tries to run in the next presidential election, we’re screwed and then we’ll have to put up with Obama for 4 more years. Why haven’t you addressed this in your blog? Afraid? Confused? Alzheimer's? As you say—your silence is deafening!

A: Au contraire, Myrna, I support Sarah Palin today more than I did when she was bogged down in our largest small state - home of our oil, gold, and other natural resources.

She will never run for President, so don’t fret, but she has all the moxie we Republicans need to shed our funk, and get the ball rolling for next year’s bye-elections-which I judge will be the most embattled in our history (1994 Newt included).

There is currently no cabinet post for “American culture” or the fighting spirit behind it—this is tailor-made for Sarah, and I judge that she will bust the balls of Obama’s dream of a Socialist America. In other words, she is the perfect foil in her new role—taking all the lightning bolts, and paving the way for our 2012 Republican candidate to win.

So Myrna, I am neither confused nor senile, just blatantly strategic in my approach to peaceful revolution in the 21st century—concrete solutions to financial and social problems, and the guys and gals that can make it happen.