Friday, November 27, 2009

More Q & A

Q:     Bill Thomas, from the hometown of the greatest Boston Celtic, Larry Bird, in French Lick, Indiana, writes of his displeasure with my selection of Ronnie amongst my ‘Top 10 Presidents’.

A:     Bill, I’m fully aware that my ‘Top Ten’ list leaves out a number of bygone meritorious American Patriots we have been blessed with – Benjamin Franklin; Alexander Hamilton; Daniel Webster; Henry Clay; Ulysses S. Grant; Robert E. Lee; George Patton; Daniel Boone; Davey Crockett; Lewis and Clark; and more others that any nation deserves – including Italy with some of their great Caesars of yore – Julius; Augustus; and Constantine.

We are today God’s ‘chosen people’ – like it or not. We can’t look elsewhere, because there is no elsewhere, elsewhere. Just you, me, our townspeople, and fellow Americans, who have been gifted a culture greater than any in history.

Me a puppet? If you take time to look at my writings to date, you’ll quickly find that I’m the most independent-minded sonuvabitch you’re likely to tangle with. I have no ‘cause’ – right or left of ‘middle America.’ I propose the creation of a 90 – 95 percent ‘grand middle-class’ – our greatest strength since day one – and propose simple concrete methods to get there. We must now seriously debate these ‘simple methods,’ beginning with a ‘10% on everything’ 2-page tax code; and ‘T-Bond Funding’ of all pension accounts (governmental social security; union plans; company plans; and IRA plans) – just to name a couple of my ‘peaceful revolution’ proposals to cure our financial/social ills. Band-aids don’t work when major brain surgery is required, as Thomas Jefferson knew well when he drafted our
Declaration in 1776, and then our Constitution in 1787, based upon prior documents from Massachusetts, and the Virginia House of Burgesses. In both cases, Tom set our Colonial tone of a united north and south in one common cause – kick out the Brits, and construct a lasting document greater than the Magna Carta.

In response to Tex from Montana's Q & A, Anonymous asks:

Q:     Are you shitting me?

A:     Anon, I shit you not! My 21st Century blueprint is perfectly clear in my writings, and is eminently sane thinking – tough no doubt, but doable, for the reasons I spell out in my writings in no uncertain terms – beginning with my faith in America’s manifest destiny in modern times as God’s New Chosen People.

We don’t fear anything but the
D.C. Mafia; Obama/Pelosi Socialism under Big Brother; and a looming knife in the back for everything our Founders risked their necks for and our brave military gave their lives for – from Lexington to Concord; from Boston Harbor to Valley Forge; from Washington to New Orleans; from the Alamo to Mexico City; from Antietam to Richmond; from San Juan to Manila; from The Ardennes to Paris; from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima; from North Africa to Normandy; from Baghdad to Beirut; and today, from Kabul to Lord knows where. We have fought many battles in the last 225 years, and are likely to fight many more before we establish world peace with Pax Americana.

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  1. Please tell us more about your so-called blueprint. You're like a cagey politician--you love to spout diatribes but where is the MEAT in your series of proposals? Back it up with facts & figures! PLEAE! Because I am 84 years old and don't have time for vague B.S.!
    Tom Louis