Friday, May 29, 2009

A Letter to Rush

Dear Rush:

Just got my first Limbaugh Letter after listening to you all these years on KSFO in “Sodom By the Bay”, aka San Francisco.

One question only—who will be the gutsy guy or gal to repeat Newt’s feat of 1994, and slow down Obama? Apart from Sarah Palin on the gal side (unfortunately out of the D.C. loop), who has the “right stuff” on the guy side?

My first novel, An American Fable and second novel, An Italian Fable are now available—it’s not Hemingway by a long shot, but it is chock full of love of family, God and country, including a blueprint for Jeffersonian revolution in matters of domestic and foreign policies—my “last hurrah,” if you’re a Spencer Tracy fan. My third novel, CIA Fables, to be published later this year, completes my Fables Trilogy.

There are 50 million voting seniors out here. No one on our planet need preach to us about revolution—we invented modern-era revolution—including the coming peaceful one.

Very truly yours,

Charles Fairfax Speer (email)

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